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They had never been rich growing up but they did, at least, have enough to keep food on the table and everyone in decent hand-me-downs purchased from Goodwill. Bushwick might not have been the safest place to live but there was crime all over the city. It had been home. Life had been good. And they had been happy. Then, when Katniss was nearly twelve, everything changed. Her father died on the job for Con Ed and her mother had a mental break. Katniss had been willing to do anything to keep herself and her sister out of the foster system. She had taken a risk in dropping out of middle school but she had done so anyway. There were enough people willing to hire a hardworking kid under the books as cheap labor.

She hadn't realized what she was getting into when she had agreed to take the job in Hell's Kitchen. All Katniss could focus on was the amount of money they were willing to pay. She had been sixteen at the time and not naive enough to think that the job wouldn't involve time spent on her back or knees. But for Prim, she'd do anything. Even kill.

That had been two years ago. So long as she continued to fight in the arena, money continued to mysteriously appear in her banking account. A lot of the times, she won. Those had been the bouts that had been fights to the death. Some fights she had been forced to lose and suffered severely for it. At some point, Katniss lost count of all of it. All the children that she had killed. All the beatings that she had endured. The days blurred together. But she survived. She survived so much.

Now she doesn't have to survive. Thanks to Matt Murdock, she can live again. Katniss could have gone home that night that Daredevil had busted the underground fighting ring. After explaining an abridged version of the past two years, he had agreed not to make her go with the police. Matt had taken her to his apartment instead. She should have left to go back to Prim and her mother the next day. But she wasn't the same girl that had left Brooklyn. Her family was better off with her keeping away.

Adjusting to a real life proved to be more difficult than she thought. Working in bodegas and coffee shops had been common place for her once. Now she wants nothing to do with the people that come and go from these places. There's only one thing that Katniss thinks that she's good at these days and it's killing. For Prim, she does her best to work the jobs and send the paychecks home. Matt tends to cover most of her expenses, as well as giving her a place to live. She doesn't need the money for herself.

Katniss had thought that her ability to care for anyone other than her immediate family had died with her first kill in the arena. Matt's proved her wrong. Though she's certain that he sees her as a younger sister or daughter or something, it hasn't stopped her from developing a crush on him anyway. So tonight, when he comes back, it's not the nightmares that still has her up but fear for his safety.

She watches him quietly from the couch as he walks in and pulls off his mask. She clutches her knees closer to her chest and frowns at him as he enters the bedroom. When he comes back out in the sweats and tee, Katniss has a hard time spotting any visible wounds but that doesn't mean there's not something hiding under the clothes. She wants to reach out and touch him to find out but Katniss refrains.

"Yeah," Katniss mutters, still trying to search for wounds beneath clothes. "How's the perp?"

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