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Katniss | Modern AU

At one time Matt had hoped the crime in Hell's Kitchen would be solved by taking Kingpin out of rotation. However, that hasn't been the case and he's pretty disillusioned about it. In reality, this disillusionment hasn't changed much in either his lawyer life or his vigilante life; if anything, he's only grown more determined and more grim. Hell's Kitchen can be saved and he'll at least help that cause as long as he possibly can.

It's a few weeks after Kingpin is put in jail that he hears about an underground fighting ring. At first, it doesn't seem much like something Daredevil would get involved. Once he finds out that the combatants aren't there voluntarily and are teenage runaways (primarily) snatched from the streets and forced to fight to the death in an abandoned warehouse, he changes his mind. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he didn't take care of it.

He'd like to say it was a nice in and out job, but that would be a lie. It took weeks to hunt down who was behind it, to disable him and put an end to the fights. The finale comes one night when there's a scheduled fight. Matt gets in, disable the guys, sends the betters running and calls the cops. He's sending the teenagers toward the front entrance when he notices the dark headed girl near the back who seems reluctant to move. Regardless of much he talks to her and tries to assure her, she's not going with the cops. She's eighteen, she tells him. They're going to try her for multiple counts of murder despite the fact that she was forced to kill to survive. He's got little choice but to take her back to his apartment with her, but only after extracting a promise that his secret identity stays secret.

He'd thought it would be for a couple of nights until she could call her family and go back home, but it turned out that she didn't have any family or anywhere to go. A couple of stays turned into a longer stay and he got her several jobs in an attempt to help her be independent. Katniss is not a good employee. He hears from employer after employer (generally people he's helped that are doing him favors) that she's rude and surly. She's a hard worker, everyone agrees on that but she's just not a people person.

After living with her for a couple of months, he knows they're not exaggerating, but she's beginning to come around. When it's just the two of them she's funny and kind, pleasant and intelligent despite having large gaps in her education. She is a hard worker: his apartment has never been so clean and he doesn't have to call Claire for minor injuries anymore. There's a sort of tentative trust between them and while they're still working out what they are to each other, he's no longer looking for her a place to live, a job however...

He's also denying any and all growing attraction that he's got to her. She's eighteen, inexperienced and reliant on him. It would be taking advantage. They're friends, or better yet, she looks at him like a father or a big brother.

That evening, he comes home from the vigilante gig a little beat up (it's gotten better since he's begun wearing the armor though). Katniss is up (not waiting for him) when he straggles in, pushing off his mask. It's a relatively early evening for him.

"Let me change." It's actually easier with Katniss up because he's given his room over to her (it's impossible for anyone not blind to sleep in the living room because of the giant digital sign right outside the full length, huge windows that was the reason for him getting this place so cheap). Besides, he doesn't mind the couch. It's not like he's ever comfortable with all the broken bones, bruises and cuts he encounters.

He returns dressed in a pair of soft sweat pants and a dark tee shirt. "Can't sleep?" he asks her. He knows that she gets nightmares. He hears her in the middle of the night even when she thinks she's being quiet.

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