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Katniss Everdeen ([personal profile] stillplaying) wrote in [personal profile] hominidae 2016-03-08 06:19 am (UTC)

Saw what?

Then she won't. Maybe she'll just stay here with him forever. Where else will she go anyway? Prim and her mother are doing so well without Katniss being a part of their everyday life. She never kept in touch with her childhood friends and she definitely doesn't have any friends from her days in the Games. He is, in so many ways, the only person that she has left in her life. But like everything else, she won't blame anyone but herself.

Date nights? Nights out with Karen and Foggy? One thing at a time. She might just turn out to be the sort of girl best to have sex with, not to actually date. Katniss would understand that. It all comes back to her thinking so little of herself. An object, not a person.

Though she had heard rumors about the Daredevil sometime shortly after he had donned the mask. But Katniss never held herself to any delusions that someone, even Hell's Kitchen's own superhero, would ever take an interest in the Games. It turned out that she had been wrong. He had and she'll never stop feeling grateful. But it's more than gratitude that has her in his lap right now. True, the gratitude is mixed in with all the rest of her emotions. Gratitude, love, and so much more. Can they just fast-forward to that point in time? A time when he doesn't feel guilty for being attracted to a girl half his age and she might actually think that she deserves love?

They do need to talk. But Katniss is determined to prevent that talk for as long as possible. She knows that she'll say the wrong thing. There's no doubt. She'll say the wrong thing and mess up what feels like a perfect moment. No, talking isn't necessary. just like mutual pleasure isn't necessary.

He shouldn't have to to hide his response to her. This is what Katniss wants, too. There's so much she should tell him one day. Maybe. If she's ever brave enough. But for now, no more thinking. Just acting. She's been with enough men that by now, she'd like to think that she knows what they like. Her pleasure has nothing to do with that. It rarely does. Yet when he groans again, she feels another shiver go down her spine and she wants more. She's not counting the minutes until Matt's done with her. Tonight can go on forever.

"You don't have to," she answers in a matter-of-fact manner, as if she's never considered her own pleasure all that much. And she hasn't. "Just trust me," she reminds him, slipping her hands between them. She kisses him again, his jaw and his chin and finally his lips. If his mouth is busy, he can't talk. So she does her best to keep it busy, diving her tongue in deep. If he doesn't stop her, she'll pull his cock free from his sweatpants and begin to stroke him in earnest. Her actions are clearly practiced, not those of the innocent girl he might think that she is.

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