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Matt Murdock ([personal profile] preemptiveforgiveness) wrote in [personal profile] hominidae 2016-03-07 04:17 am (UTC)

She's definitely worthy of love and Matt has no doubt that she's capable of love. She cares about him, he knows that even if he doesn't know the extent of her feelings. She loves her sister. She is capable. He tries to keep his actions those of a brother or a father, but he knows that they're not always as fatherly or brotherly as they should be.

She'd never be able to sleep in the brightness and it doesn't matter to him.

There's nothing to see through, but Matt knows that she won't believe that. It's something that she has to learn on her own and that'll probably take time as well.

So much of what Matt believes is theory alone or maybe it's just hope. Either way, he hasn't given up on love. He's not bitter about it, just wary. He's aware of how much love can hurt, but he's still hopeful that one day he'll find a love that doesn't hurt.

He's paying attention to her regardless of where he's 'looking'. He's listening to her heart and her breathing, to her emotions. His entire being is focused on her right now. He hopes that no one knows he's blind to watch him fight. It's an advantage he has and it helps to keep his secret identity secret. He'll help her learn to fight if she'd like. In fact, if she's persistent about being his partner, it will be one of his conditions. She's good, but she's going to have to learn a more sophisticated, controlled sort of combat because he wants her to be as safe as possible.

He does use that method to 'see' someone provided he knows that someone is going to stay in his life. He hasn't done that with Katniss yet simply because it's intimate in a way and she reminds him of a wild animal, apt to shy at any time. He wants to kiss her again just as much, but he has to know that she wants him to kiss her. As for her heart, if he focuses on it, it sounds like the beat of a drum, loud and fast.

He swallows hard, listening to the infliction in her words, the tone of her voice, sensing her emotions and listening to her heart beating. He's listening to everything else so hard that her words are almost background noise. He moves his hand from beneath her chin slightly, his thumb sliding up to rest against her lips, to stop her words. "If I'm ever out of line, if I ever do anything you don't want me to do or if I ever make you uncomfortable, all you have to do is say something. It won't change anything. You'll still have a place to live; we'll still be friends. I'll still help you."

He lets his thumb slip down just below her lower lip before he slides his hand back along her jaw to her neck, fingertips and thumb cradling her face as he dips his head and kisses her. It's a soft kiss, gentle, but far from brief or chaste.

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