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Matt Murdock ([personal profile] preemptiveforgiveness) wrote in [personal profile] hominidae 2016-03-07 01:02 am (UTC)

He's not the most logical thinker when it comes to romantic relationships. Somewhat recently, he'd put his heart out there on the line and Claire had left because it was all just too much to deal with. Of course, Matt had done nothing but bring danger and problems into Claire's normal, average life. He certainly hadn't saved her the way that he'd saved Katniss.

The only difference apartment wise is he sleeps on the couch at night while Katniss takes the bed so her paying rent isn't necessary. He likes the couch. It's comfortable and even before he shared his apartment with Katniss, he'd sleep on the couch occasionally. In any case, he likes the deal they have as long as she's alright with it. As for his disability, in all honesty, he "sees" more than most sighted people do. He just sees differently after the accident.

Church isn't for everybody and Matt understands that. It's somewhere he used to go with his father (the very church, the very priest). He won't push Katniss to come with him. He's quite certain that she won't burst into flame in any case if she walks into the church. In fact, he thinks Father Antram would like her. He's that sort of priest.

He wouldn't sleep with someone actively prostituting, but she's not doing it anymore. She's making her life different and better. That's what matters to him. The only thing stopping him from getting involved with her romantically is her age and the fear that she'll feel like she 'has' to have sex with him because of the things that he's done for her. Should they get into a romantic relationship, he has a lot to teach her, things that won't involve sex immediately, or even at all at first. They wouldn't clash, but they both might spend a few weeks frustrated because he'll insist on taking their time.

He hears the way she reacts: that sharp intake of breath, her heart rate jumping at the suddenness of his movements. She's completely wrong, which is something else he's got to teach her, something that will take a great deal of time. He doesn't wear his glasses in the apartment because she doesn't care that his eyes don't focus or that he never looks directly at her. It makes most people uncomfortable, hence the sunglasses. If it's something she wants, something that she knows isn't expected of her, he's in full support of her kissing him, no matter how wrong he thinks it is (or how many hail marys or lords prayer he's going to have to do for kissing her).

He's actually a little worried she's going to flee by the sound of her heart beat. His fingers tighten ever so slightly on her arm and he keeps his other hand tucked under her chin. He's expecting anything and everything except that kiss, that light press of her lips against his that is all too brief. He's at war with himself when she pulls away, torn between kissing her and speaking. Finally, he settles for asking quietly, roughly "Why shouldn't you have?"

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