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They've already discussed the beginning. Kind of. He's told her about the orphanage, she in turn told him about what it had been like to have a relatively normal childhood in Brooklyn. She told him about her life taking a bad turn and that stupid decision that led to where she is today. They've done the beginning. It's not an option to start with anymore. Where else can they begin? Daredevil has already saved the day. He's saved her and the countless other children she'll never have to kill now. And she's thanked him a number of times.

Maybe she hasn't thanked him enough? She'll have to contemplate that later on. Much later, when she's not doing her best to maintain a proper distance between them. Reminding herself that she's like a daughter to him and she needs to respect that, not attempt to convince him otherwise.

She remembers some of the people who had been involved in the underground fighting ring. Mostly, Katniss remembers the people directly in charge of her and the people who had provided her with all the money that's gone straight towards her sister's college savings. She'll never be able to forget any of them. And if she ever sees a single familiar face again, Katniss won't hesitate to kill any of them. Even those 'upstanding' citizens whose deaths would really get her in trouble. Matt probably has the better idea with blackmail. But all of this is further reason why she shouldn't drag Matt into her life any more than she already has.

Really, she should probably leave. Pack up her duffel bag and find someplace outside of New York City to live. There has to be something out there for an eighteen year old criminal, right? At least, something that won't get others in trouble. It's something that she's considered more than once. Leaving is easier to consider when she's alone. As soon as she sees Matt, she can't imagine leaving. Just like now.

"Then you need someone whose life is already in danger," she tells him as she begins to rub her thumb against his chest, unaware of what she's doing. This is something that she's contemplated for a while, as well. If Katniss can't bring herself to leave him, then maybe she should stick by his side far more often. "Hawkeye makes a different with a bow and no superpowers. Why can't I?"

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